Bay Colony Pomeranian Club Code of Ethics

  • All members shall uphold the principles of the BCPC and shall conduct themselves in a manner which is in accordance with the club’s goals and objectives.
  • All Members shall become familiar with, and abide by all American Kennel Club rules and regulations, and understand that suspension by the American Kennel Club is grounds for action by the BCPC.
  • All Members must recognize that they are the constant representatives of the Pomeranian breed and the BCPC.
  • All Members shall practice the rules of good sportsmanship and courteous behavior and maintain the highest standards in the care and exhibition of their Pomeranians.
  • Members shall never make unfair or untrue statements regarding other Member’s/Breeder’s dogs or practices, in person, by phone or on the Internet.
  • All members shall strive to improve their breeding programs to meet the American Kennel Club standard for the Pomeranian breed. Members shall be familiar with the standard, stay informed of medical, behavioral, and genetic developments that influence the Pomeranian breed, and shall do everything within their power to discourage irresponsible breeding.
  • With each Pomeranian sold, Members shall make available the following: diet and care information, immunization and health records and, where applicable, a registration application or transfer.
  • No Member shall knowingly sell Pomeranians to a pet shop, pet dealer, any person known to sell dogs to such dealers, or any other commercial outlet for resale.
  • No Member shall knowingly permit Pomeranians to be sold at auction or used as any type of prize, either directly or indirectly.
  • No Member shall knowingly permit Pomeranians to institutions involved in research and/or experimentation.
  • All Members shall take full responsibility for all Pomeranians they have bred. If need be, the Member shall take back any Pomeranian sold and provide for it until a new home can be found.